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E-mail marketing is an incredibly effective tool to maintain consistent communication with your business’ existing customers. E-mail marketing campaigns may be deployed to share promotional messaging, new and exclusive content, or other important messages with your key audience.

Pinetree’s dedicated e-mail marketing experts can help design a strategic e-mail marketing plan tailored to the cadence, content and purchase-patterns that characterize your existing audience and your target audience. All this, while handling every part of deployment from concept to copywriting, design, integration, and QA, performing constant measurements for optimization, and without ever jeopardizing your business’ reputation and SPAM law compliance.

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About E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy, to ensure you maintain constant communication with your subscribers – i.e. your loyal customers. E-mail marketing is often a central pillar of a CRM (customer retention marketing / customer relationship management) strategy, thanks to its high efficiency, relatively low cost and quick deployment possibilities.

Any marketing initiative intended for existing customers should ideally have an e-mail marketing aspect. What’s more, customer data can and should be leveraged to create a multi-faceted e-mail marketing strategy that includes customer segmentation. This ensures that messages aren’t just delivered consistently, at the right times, to the right audience, adhering to best practices and brand aligned – but that they’re also personalized and therefore much more likely to be effective. E-mail marketing is also highly measurable on various levels, including audience attention (e-mail open rates), message awareness (e-mail click rates) and response (e-mail converson rates).

E-mail marketing costs at least half to deploy than direct mail campaigns, and can therefore be executed regularly and target every customer segment.

Is E-mail Marketing worth the investment?

E-mail marketing is considered one of the highest ROI yielding online marketing activities any business can execute, if not the highest. Given that e-mail marketing relies heavily on an existing customer database (whose marginal cost only decreases the more it’s used), and given that e-mail campaign deployment is typically conducted on an existing campaign execution platform called an ESP (e-mail service provider) that bills on subscription, e-mail is considered highly affordable.

Pinetree’s team can help your business map out an optimal e-mail schedule that your team (or our experts) can realistically execute and maintain, providing a steady stream of revenue to your business throughout all campaigns, including during off-peak seasons, without demanding much incremental resources or time.


40% of marketers cite e-mail marketing as the most important communication channel with customers.


High affordability and high ROI

E-mail marketing is said to generate $38 for every $1 spent, making it the marketing tool with the highest return on investment of all. What’s more, it’s a means of communication that’s highly accessible to small and medium businesses thanks to its reliance on existing customer data (e-mail lists, etc), in-house or template-based content creation, and deployment using subscription-based services.

Supports segmentation & measurement

Since e-mail newsletters rely on an existing customer database containing information such as behavior (spend, seniority, preferences, and more), it is highly conducive to segmentation efforts. Customer segmentation is a key strategy within CRM (customer retention marketing / customer relationship management) which enables the personalization of marketing messages to increase the likelihood of customer response. What’s more, any e-mail campaign is easily measurable and analyzed using metrics such as open, click and conversion rates.

Control the message via an owned channel

Unlike hosted content which is executed on external platforms and sites such as guest posts and ads, e-mail marketing keeps relatively more of the power in the hands of businesses - free to tailor the length, form, cadence and nature of their content on an owned-channel.

Quick turnaround during peak and off-peak seasons

Unlike other channels that need approval time, testing and implementation, e-mail marketing can be deployed relatively quickly and results can be semi-immediate - impacting the bottom line within a given day if sales happen to be slow.

Meet your audience where they are

Your audience is using e-mail on a daily basis to conduct both personal and commercial communication, and it often serves as their central newsfeed for promotions and content - moreso even than Social Media which can be ripe with ads, whereas e-mail is a hub of content they’ve curated and allowed to access them.

Your competitors are already doing it

We can guarantee your competitors are already taking advantage of e-mail marketing’s tremendous potential to advance their business goals. Rest assured, Pinetree can help you make up for lost time and get a leg up by analyzing your competitors’ campaigns and ensuring you apply their best practices and avoid their mistakes.

Pinetree’s Process



We begin by taking a look at historical campaign data and site performance metrics, using a variety of powerful analytical tools.



Based on the findings from our analysis, we build a plan that includes various online marketing tactics including, but not limited to, SEO, PPC, Social Media and content, e-mail marketing and product innovation.



After reviewing and approving the proposed plan, we manage implementation according to priority, in conjunction with your team. This includes A/B tests in areas we’d like to evaluate.


Measure & Analyze

Starting in as little as one week from implementation, we begin a rigorous recording and measuring process of every aspect that could potentially affect the campaign’s ROI. Armed with performance statistics of our initial plan, we conduct a thorough analysis of new learnings, comparing it to our original evaluation.


Analyze Adjust & monitor

With the knowledge of how our initial tests performed, we come up with new tests and a clearer pathway to profitability, all while continuing top performing campaigns (with proper monitoring) and nixing unsuccessful testing variation as soon as statistical significance is reached. Then, we leave only the cream of the crop - the highest ROI-yielding campaigns - to monitor continuously for relevance and any signs of decline - indicating the need to repeat the process.


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