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Nowadays, having a website for your business is an absolute must – whether to generate revenue or to serve as an online portfolio to attract, engage and nurture the right audience. An intuitive, effective and robust website is the backbone of any marketing strategy.

Pinetree’s experienced web experience experts will walk alongside your team throughout the site building process, starting with clarifying your site’s objectives, to conducting necessary research into the competitive landscape, technical specifications, wireframing, content writing, design and UX, and, finally, integration.

All of these steps are intended to cultivate a smooth user journey that’ll effectively convert visitors into customers, and ensure your online presence reflects the best of your business.

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About Site Building

The process of building a website isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. It all begins with setting clear objectives such as leads collection, sales or subscriptions. From there, we proceed to audience mapping based on existing customer knowledge, current performance metrics and extensive competitor research.


The next step is more hands on – wireframing will begin to show how your site will come together, and it’s at this crucial step we will determine together the essential pages and content the site should include. During this stage, we’ll speak to key stakeholders in your organization to ensure all bases are covered.

From wireframing, we proceed to design and user experience optimization, based on the audiences mapped earlier in the process to make the website as friendly as possible to their behavior patterns. Design will also take into account any existing brand pillars or assets. Expect some healthy back and forth in this step – but you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d prefer.

Once design has been approved, we’ll move on to content creation and, simultaneously, proceed with gradual integration. This stage requires coding and development that demand a particular attention to detail, and an in-depth understanding of the platform you’ve chosen along with us.

But the process doesn’t end there. We deliver your website and from that moment on, consider every campaign a test of its strength. If any tweaks or maintenance are necessary, we’ll be by your side until you get the result you need.

More than ⅔ of website views are performed on a mobile device.

Responsive design is not a luxury – it’s a must.

Is website design worth the investment?

Sure, templates are easy to come by, and for the most part, many websites do the same thing… Right? WRONG. Building a truly unique online experience that’s custom tailored to your audience is the key to distinguishing your business from the countless online competitors – both those you know, and those you don’t. You only have seconds to catch users’ attention and get them to stick around for a little while – and that’s a tall order for a generic template to fulfill.

Content is just as crucial as eye-catching design. Customers are finding companies to purchase from in ever-evolving ways, often initiating a search with the intention to answer a question, and culminating with an unplanned conversion. This is why many websites nowadays don’t settle for a touch-and-go platform, but rather include dynamic, shifting components such as blogs and videos.

It’s never a bad idea to invest in creating your own corner of the world wide web. Then, all you’ll have to do is make sure your contact information is clearly displayed for your audience to get in touch.


The average internet user’s attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds – so your site has to grab audiences immediately.


Tailored user experience

Designing a user experience custom to your audience’s demographic and behavioral traits will guarantee the best chance at engaging and retaining customers.

SEO best practices

A state-of-the-art website gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to search engine rankings, ensuring your code is optimized and delivering intuitive navigation that sends the right signals to Google.

Mobile responsiveness

Building a website without considering mobile experience is unfortunately a common mistake. Our team will ensure all screens perform seamlessly and intuitively on any device.

Consistency supports branding

Even if you’ve never had a brand book or thought much about your business’ visual assets, our design services will work to create a consistent, cross-platform experience that’ll enhance your recognizability and authority.

Built in blog function

Blogs are an excellent way to ‘beef up’ your website’s content, favoring a variety of objectives, from SEO to user behavior metrics such as time on page, and of course, acting as a crucial step in your conversion funnel. We can create a built-in blog function for you to publish actionable, interesting and relevant content from time to time, as well as provide recommendations for optimal maintenance.

Conversion rate optimization included

Pinetree specializes in all aspects of online marketing, including the art of conversion optimization. This includes a set of methods that, when applied, greatly increase the likelihood your audience will convert in the way you want (subscribe, complete a form, complete checkout, etc). We implement conversion rate optimization best practices in every site building project we take on.

Pinetree’s Process



We begin by taking a look at historical campaign data and site performance metrics, using a variety of powerful analytical tools.



Based on the findings from our analysis, we build a plan that includes various online marketing tactics including, but not limited to, SEO, PPC, Social Media and content, e-mail marketing and product innovation.



After reviewing and approving the proposed plan, we manage implementation according to priority, in conjunction with your team. This includes A/B tests in areas we’d like to evaluate.


Measure & Analyze

Starting in as little as one week from implementation, we begin a rigorous recording and measuring process of every aspect that could potentially affect the campaign’s ROI. Armed with performance statistics of our initial plan, we conduct a thorough analysis of new learnings, comparing it to our original evaluation.


Analyze Adjust & monitor

With the knowledge of how our initial tests performed, we come up with new tests and a clearer pathway to profitability, all while continuing top performing campaigns (with proper monitoring) and nixing unsuccessful testing variation as soon as statistical significance is reached. Then, we leave only the cream of the crop - the highest ROI-yielding campaigns - to monitor continuously for relevance and any signs of decline - indicating the need to repeat the process.


Let’s discuss your business’ goals - and how to achieve them with online marketing.

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