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A lot has been written about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), both good and bad. When it comes down to it, a well-executed, quality SEO strategy is a highly effective tool to increase online visibility and, ultimately, revenues. By carefully optimizing every aspect of your website to be more easily read and understood by leading search engines, first and foremost Google, you’ll be exponentially increasing the odds of your site being ‘found’ by potential users and customers both locally and worldwide.

Entrust your SEO to the seasoned veteran professionals of Pinetree, who would never put your site at risk, and will work tirelessly to explore every approach in order to increase your traffic and revenue from search.

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About SEO

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank internet sites according to several parameters. Very generally speaking, they are all meant to ensure that the results presented are of maximum relevance to the original search query entered by the user. This is why, for instance, a result containing vegan recipes would be out of place if one were to search for “antivirus software”.

A responsibly executed SEO strategy carried out by the professionals at Pinetree can increase your online visibility, which is the gateway to more traffic and conversions. We’ll invest in making your website’s code more search engine-friendly, and then focus on creative ways to signal your site’s relevance for your chosen keywords to Google, Bing and other leading search engines. Best of all, results are long-lasting and offer stellar ROI even in times when you’ve decided to shift marketing budget to other initiatives, including PPC & SEM.

Search engines are the #1 way customers find products online.

Significantly outnumbering any other channel.

Is SEO worth the investment?

A focused SEO strategy includes critical research to zero-in on a site’s relevant keywords, followed by an investment of time and resources into making the site send the right ‘signals’ to search engine bots. This includes, but isn’t limited to, technical factors in your site’s code, your site’s seniority and past user behavior. The ultimate goal is to rank highly in organic search results for chosen keywords, thereby driving a steady stream of relevant traffic at an ROI that only increases over time.

The constantly climbing ROI is what sets SEO apart from other online marketing tactics such as PPC, which follow a more direct-investment-to-result model and are fantastic to see short term results. SEO works in the longer term, ensuring your presence in search results for competitive terms even if you don’t happen to have a paid campaign live. What’s more, organic results are routinely perceived as more trustworthy by customers, meaning your SEO efforts also cater to the persistent segment of consumers who do not click on ads due to mistrust.


Over 60% of all organic (non-paid) traffic from search engines goes to the top 3 search results.


Long lasting results

While PPC is an excellent way to gain traffic overnight, SEO wins in terms of ROI in the long term. Today’s investment in on-page and off-page SEO will cushion your business against loss of revenue in the future, when you may not have budget to invest in PPC. For long and short term benefits, Pinetree recommends all businesses utilize a strategy combining both SEO and PPC.

ROI climbs over time

Unlike PPC campaigns whose ROI is determined in the moment, SEO campaigns see a return on investment that gradually increases the more time has gone by. In fact, longevity is one of the key factors search engines use when ranking.


Many site optimizations that form part of an SEO campaign achieve a twofold objective. They’re seen favorably by search engine algorithms, and they work more harmoniously with user experience preferences for high quality content and a speedy and intuitive interface. This means your users will be more likely to stick around your search engine optimized site!

High traffic & conversion driver

Organic traffic account for between 70% and 80% of all search engine clicks, so having ad campaigns live is excellent - but often insufficient to maximize traffic potential. When it comes to B2B, nearly 60% of marketers said SEO generates more leads than any other channel. Finally, SEO is also a powerful conversion channel - nearly 15% of SEO leads result in conversion.

Meet your audience where they are

Your audience is searching for you on Google, we guarantee it. If you don’t rank high for the phrases they’re searching for, odds are they’ll never find you.

Your competitors are already doing it

No matter your niche, your competitors are already working hard to optimize their site’s content and code to rank high in search results for keywords you should target. Pinetree examine your competitors’ efforts to benefit from both their mistakes and their successes.

Pinetree’s Process



We begin by taking a look at historical campaign data and site performance metrics, using a variety of powerful analytical tools.



Based on the findings from our analysis, we build a plan that includes various online marketing tactics including, but not limited to, SEO, PPC, Social Media and content, e-mail marketing and product innovation.



After reviewing and approving the proposed plan, we manage implementation according to priority, in conjunction with your team. This includes A/B tests in areas we’d like to evaluate.


Measure & Analyze

Starting in as little as one week from implementation, we begin a rigorous recording and measuring process of every aspect that could potentially affect the campaign’s ROI. Armed with performance statistics of our initial plan, we conduct a thorough analysis of new learnings, comparing it to our original evaluation.


Analyze Adjust & monitor

With the knowledge of how our initial tests performed, we come up with new tests and a clearer pathway to profitability, all while continuing top performing campaigns (with proper monitoring) and nixing unsuccessful testing variation as soon as statistical significance is reached. Then, we leave only the cream of the crop - the highest ROI-yielding campaigns - to monitor continuously for relevance and any signs of decline - indicating the need to repeat the process.


Let’s discuss your business’ goals - and how to achieve them with online marketing.

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