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Whether you’ve never invested in SEO, or you’ve had your hat in the game for a while, it’s crucial to stop and audit your website periodically to ensure you’re following up-to-date best practices and recommendations.

This in-depth audit of over 500 on-page and off-page site elements can reveal exactly what has been preventing your site from dominating search results, and even expose gaps in your user experience and conversion rate efforts.

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About the SEO Audit Process

SEO is ever-changing – tactics that worked but a few short years ago could now be useless, or worse, detrimental to your website’s search engine rankings, even putting you at risk of a Google penalty. In light of this, it’s important to conduct periodical check ins (we recommend once per year) with your website’s health. You can expect to reveal your site’s main pain points, strengths and challenges.

The audit process lasts between 2 and 4 weeks, and is conducted firsthand by Pinetree’s world-renowned technical SEO experts using a proprietary tool developed in-house. This tool includes more than 500 unique tests examining the most crucial parameters impacting your performance. This includes everything from your site’s link profile to its code, user behavior metrics, and even local SEO compliance, requiring access to systems such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and all other systems harboring historical data, to ensure we see the full picture.

The data from all the individual tests are analyzed and given a score based on current best practices and recommendations, and then ranked in order of priority based on (1) impact on your site’s search engine rankings, and (2) the resources and time required to mend the issues found.

Sites with an outdated SEO strategy are at significant risk of a Google penalty, which can drive immediate, significant and sustained revenue loss if not handled preemptively.

Is an SEO audit worth the investment?

SEO is ever-changing – tactics that worked but a few short years ago could now be useless, or worse, detrimental to your website’s search engine rankings, even putting you at risk of a Google penalty. For instance, up until a few years ago, SEO preached marketing to search engines – whereas nowadays, user interaction with your site is key to ensuring great rankings. This means that a lot of effort poured into your website not too long ago could now be obsolete – and you need to know about it, STAT.

An SEO audit can also help you determine whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth from your current strategy, and whether you should continue pursuing it or shift your resources.

What about FREE SEO audits I keep hearing about?

You’ve probably been approached by marketers claiming to offer a free SEO audit for your website. Unfortunately, all “free” SEO audits are a gimmick used by untrustworthy agencies looking to rope nervous site owners into a contract. Their automatically generated reports will include alarmist language and overblown ‘problems’ that may not actually impact your performance. While Pinetree’s audit is not free, we are proud to say it provides tremendous value to our customers, without ever painting an unrealistically grim picture or employing cheap manipulations. Our manually created comprehensive reports give customers a clear roadmap for implementation that will result in enhanced conversion, rankings and user experience – all contributing positively to your bottom line.

600 Algorithm updates

Google rolls out between 500 and 600 algorithm updates every year – requiring ongoing examination of your site’s compliance with current best practices and recommendations.


Provides a realistic snapshot

Our proprietary tool includes more than 500 tests that are intended to tackle the most crucial, relevant factors impacting search engine rankings today. Our audit does not seek out challenges that have little or no impact, to avoid distracting your team from the main tasks at hand.

Delivers an actionable roadmap

Thanks to a rigorous data collection process and decades of experience in SEO and online marketing in general, Pinetree’s experts are able to deliver a clear, concise and prioritized roadmap to heal your website’s trouble areas and get it to perform optimally - not just in terms of search results, but also in terms of usability and, of course, revenue.

Comprehensive look at on-page and off-page

Our SEO audit was developed in-house by experts that hold over 50 years’ combined experience in SEO for some of the world’s biggest websites. It’s no wonder, then, that our 500+ tests include an in-depth examination of both on-page and off-page parameters impacting SEO performance, as well as other relevant indicators such as user experience.

Examines historical data

Pinetree’s own SEO audit process gathers comprehensive data from multiple sources, including your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. This ensures we see the full picture and take historical performance into account when delivering recommendations - giving you a truly custom report.

Out with the old!

An effective SEO audit should pinpoint outdated strategies that may be pulling your site’s performance backwards, instead of pushing it forward. This may include keyword stuffing, hidden content and other risky tactics that hinder user experience and actually put your site at risk of a Google penalty.

Work with your team on implementation

Our clients often choose to take the SEO audit report a step further, hiring Pinetree’s experts to lead the implementation of the various recommendations either independently or alongside the in-house team. Rest assured, we are fully prepared to provide unbiased, ongoing guidance and recommendations regardless of whether we’ll be the ones handling the site’s recovery process.

Pinetree’s Process



We begin by taking a look at historical campaign data and site performance metrics, using a variety of powerful analytical tools.



Based on the findings from our analysis, we build a plan that includes various online marketing tactics including, but not limited to, SEO, PPC, Social Media and content, e-mail marketing and product innovation.



After reviewing and approving the proposed plan, we manage implementation according to priority, in conjunction with your team. This includes A/B tests in areas we’d like to evaluate.


Measure & Analyze

Starting in as little as one week from implementation, we begin a rigorous recording and measuring process of every aspect that could potentially affect the campaign’s ROI. Armed with performance statistics of our initial plan, we conduct a thorough analysis of new learnings, comparing it to our original evaluation.


Analyze Adjust & monitor

With the knowledge of how our initial tests performed, we come up with new tests and a clearer pathway to profitability, all while continuing top performing campaigns (with proper monitoring) and nixing unsuccessful testing variation as soon as statistical significance is reached. Then, we leave only the cream of the crop - the highest ROI-yielding campaigns - to monitor continuously for relevance and any signs of decline - indicating the need to repeat the process.


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